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stranger things have happened

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There are a few that are based on my own beadwork, and I'd prefer that you leave those alone. If you do take them, I'll be annoyed but I won't go to war or anything. There is also one that my late sister made, and I REALLY want her to get credit for it. Other than that, grab as you like. Credit for mine will make my day like you would not believe. Credit for others is based on their rules, but would certainly be appreciated. If I have one that you made and I have not properly credited, PLEASE TELL ME!! If I use one of your icons it's because I really like it and I think you should be credited for your excellent work.

I couldn't resist, so give me hugs! (if you want to, anyway...)

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Kiva - loans that change lives

Please check this site out. You can really make a long-term difference in more than one life, and even help to end poverty in some of the most troubled places on earth. There is a reason why a man won the Nobel Peace Prize for a micro-loan program. Seriously, help save the world. I'll be back at it as soon as I have reliable income again.

If you are a Kiva lender and live in Charlottesville, please join the Charlottesville team!

Help end world hunger

The Animal Rescue Site

The Breast Cancer Site

The Hunger Site

The Child Health Site

The Literacy Site

The Rainforest Site

I am a bead freak and do all kinds of bead stringing and beadwork and collecting cool beads. Alas, more collecting than actually doing anything with the beads. I am a fan of sf/fantasy books. I am not a big fan of most of the stuff that is incredibly popular in bookstores these days, which sometimes makes life difficult in customer service in the store (or at least it did while I still worked as a bookseller - I keep this here because I'm still not a big fan of what's popular even though I'm no longer a bookseller). I watch news tv compulsively and spend too much time on news websites. I have four cats and I adore them, even when they drive me crazy. Finally, I am a writer currently working on two books. Wish me luck on getting them published after I finish them! I no longer work as a bookseller, but I still consider books to be the center of my life.

Sandra Catherine Nix 1/11/1975 - 11/23/2005 The coolest sister ever.

Cat - I will miss you forever. You were my sister and my best friend and the one person whose opinion mattered more that anyone else's. You were the only one who knew what it was like to grow up with me. Your openness and your empathy for others inspire me more than I can say. Your loss is a hole I can not fill, no matter how hard I try. May you continue to inspire everyone who knew you.

I am the creator and maintainer of bn_booksellers. If you work for B&N, or any bookstore for that matter, check it out.

Thank you fluidic_icons for the colorbar.

I have referred to Ashley Blakemore and Marand Deltanon and Lorra Sebastian and others as separate people, but they are fictional characters. I am in the process of writing about them. Don't worry about me too much! They are just the characters I wrestle with as I try to write the books I have always dreamed of writing! If I lose sight of reality I promise to at least tweet about it ;) (my Twitter name is the same as my lj name). Seriously, I'm on meds and in therapy and Depression is my enemy, not a lifestyle or a sign of creative genius or emotional meaning.

icon stuff:

for some of the icons I have made (and plan to make someday), I have gotten textures and other help from:

One of these days I'll probably start the icon comm I keep thinking about.
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