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  • Thu, 01:45: Not only am I unable to follow anyone now, but Twitter adds insult to injury by recommending the US Chamber of Commerce. *vomits*
  • Thu, 01:52: 8 gazillion usb hubs, and not a single usb to micro usb hub. Why is this not a thing? I have 6 things to charge with micro usb!
  • Thu, 01:56: RT @Vic_Stone1: RT @ThePatrioticLib "My favorite #GOPocrisy cartoon of all time. http://t.co/OqxkYcfJuI" #UniteBlue Sums up PERFECTLY #VOTE
  • Thu, 02:34: RT @jettramel: What the hell was Obama thinking when George Bush signed a law allowing children to come into US to have hearing 2008 http:/…
  • Thu, 05:48: RT @waldojaquith: If I don't make it, let my tombstone declare for all who see it: HE DIED TAKING A TODDLER ON A FLIGHT WITH A LONG LAYOVER…