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My tweets

  • Thu, 03:45: Why does Twitter have such a strict follow limit? I follow as many as I can...
  • Thu, 03:47: It's not fair. I can't follow anyone else, but Twitter still offers new people to follow. PPPBBBBBTTTT
  • Thu, 03:50: Meanwhile, I am now volunteering for http://t.co/jRDBmLnpL4. Any questions about domestic violence or what to do about it? I'm here.
  • Thu, 03:51: I've volunteered many times before, but SHE will be a new kind of challenge. I'm almost done with training and still nervous.
  • Thu, 03:53: But SHE is a good thing for me to be involved with, and will help me maybe as much as I help anyone else.
  • Thu, 04:17: I'm nearly done with training for SHE http://t.co/SujgeSsVbE and I'm terrified and can't wait.Hotline, here I come!