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My tweets

  • Thu, 02:18: Oops. Sorry about the double retweet.
  • Thu, 02:40: RT @BTWOMGWTF: Never be afraid to speak your mind, you have one for a reason.
  • Thu, 02:42: RT @MaggiePriceless: Stand against bullying! Wear purple and make your profile pic purple for #SpiritDay 10/17 at http://t.co/oKFBybfcTn #L
  • Thu, 02:44: Yes, I have purpled for #SpiritDay. I was bullied before the internet and that was bad enough.
  • Thu, 02:46: Yes, I have purpled for #SpiritDay. Sexual orientation is a basic part of humanity, not an abomination. We are all human.
  • Thu, 02:51: My icon is too tiny, but says End Bullying NOW. We should've ended it long ago, as we've needed to love our differences for way too long.
  • Thu, 03:25: RT @hodgman: Because I am awake in a van in the deepest dark of central PA and Tears For Fears just came on the radio, I will answer any qu…
  • Thu, 03:29: RT @RachTheThing: My friend Jacqui has gone missing in #perth. Please keep an eye out for her (contact details in the pic). http://t.co/Xp
  • Thu, 04:07: RT @planomike: I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have. ~Thomas Jefferson
  • Thu, 04:08: RT @GOPathetic: Voted no: Coburn Cornyn Crapo Cruz Enzi Grassley Heller Johnson Lee Paul Risch Roberts Rubio Scott Sessions Shelby…