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  • Wed, 03:05: RT @Eaglefly124: Dear Lazy Media: asking PBO why *he* won't negotiate is basically saying, "Why won't you buy the screaming kid the new toy…
  • Wed, 03:59: RT @Karoli: Unlike our pals on the right, I wrote the tax checks while Bush squandered lives and money for NOTHING. Do NOT call me a thief
  • Wed, 06:08: RT @SenatorReid: I need to remind everyone that Obamacare is THE LAW and it has been found CONSTITUTIONAL. We are not re-litigating this.



Oct. 3rd, 2013 11:34 am (UTC)
I only ask that people stop calling it "Obamacare". The law is "The Affordable Care Act". Calling it "Obamacare" is just another reason the radicals are refusing to accept it. Health Care Reform has been in the GOP playbook for decades. Now, a Democrat President calls that play, gets a touchdown, and wins the game. The GOP could have pushed this. They could have won that themselves, but didn't.
Oct. 4th, 2013 07:31 am (UTC)
I hear you
Of course those same radicals are the ones who started calling it Obamacare. Some of us who support it have decided to adopt the name.

I'm afraid that if it was called The Jesus Christ is Lord Miracle Act, the same people who hate it now would still oppose it. I truly believe the real problem is the series of lies that has been spread about the ACA (I'm glaring at you, Fox "News" and certain politicos).

Whatever they call it, the majority of people will see some benefit from it and that will hopefully change some minds about whatever-people-want-to-call-it.

There is so much about politics in this country right now that make me want to run away and hide.

Aaaaaaand now I'm definitely ranting. You're right. It is The Affordable Care Act and wasn't meant to be liberal or conservative. Hell, calling it Romneycare would be just as accurate, and I admit that as a die-hard Liberal who still thinks the law is a big step in the right direction.