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time goes on

This is the worst time of year, but I'm okay. Not great, but okay and that will do for now. Winning NaNoWriMo and making progress toward having marketable skills helps.

I haven't finished everything I need to for my web design class, but I'm getting there and I know I am capable of doing well enough with what is left. Hell, I've aced everything so far and I know I'm learning this stuff better than most of the class and being caught up now (which I am) puts me ahead of 2/3rds of the people taking the class. After the disaster that school was before, this is an incredible improvement and I now even have faith that I can manage two classes next semester. I'm not even thinking about a degree right now. But I will take any sign of progress as a good thing. I was The Disappointing Failure Who Could Do Better If I Tried for far too long and it's hard to leave that behind.

I miss Cat every damn day but I can live with that. If I can get a book published it will even feel like she would be proud of me.

Thank you for all of the comments on my last entry. Right now I don't feel up to responding to all of them but they really helped.


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Dec. 11th, 2011 08:42 pm (UTC)
We're here and we care. (I miss her too.) And I agree, she would totally be proud of you.
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