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My tweets

  • Wed, 01:50: I miss you, @RepWeiner. More now than ever.
  • Wed, 02:09: RT @mashable: You soon will start to see Promoted Tweets from brands you don’t follow - http://t.co/IvFij9E
  • Wed, 02:11: I don't want promoted tweets.
  • Wed, 02:11: I will "dismiss" all promoted tweets.
  • Wed, 02:12: If I want tweets from someone I will follow them.
  • Wed, 02:13: If I don't follow, I don't want tweets from them.
  • Wed, 02:14: The preceding tweets were about promoted tweets, not retweets. If you like the tweep or the tweet, I welcome the retweets.
  • Wed, 02:15: If the tweet or tweep is promoted, FORGET IT. I WILL NOT follow them.