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My tweets

  • Sun, 09:24: NYC hasn't had a typhoon this year. (yeah, I know)
  • Sun, 09:27: Porn spammers give up. All others, if we have stuff in common, I'll follow.
  • Sun, 09:28: I love new followers, but spammers shouldn't get their hopes up.
  • Sun, 09:30: I do miss a few true followers, so feel free to DM me or whatever. I avoid spammers, but I love real followers. BTW I am liberal.
  • Sun, 09:31: Non-liberals may have a hard time getting followed, but that's because of spammers.
  • Sun, 09:32: Non-liberal follows are fine, but I am an unapologetic left-winger and won't change my ways.
  • Sun, 09:34: Disagreement is fine, but don't <b>demand</b> I agree with you or you're gone. <b>Forever.</b>
  • Sun, 09:35: Bah, bad HTML is done with. So what. Respect me or get no respect at all.