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  • Mon, 02:15: In the real world, no one ever gets everything they want. We have a deal. It isn't horrible.
  • Mon, 02:16: If you want something better, vote for better people and help their campaigns. Wishing isn't good enough.
  • Mon, 02:18: I know we need more revenue. I know that the rich should pay their share and the poor need more help.
  • Mon, 02:18: But this is the best we're going to get right now. Default would have been far worse.
  • Mon, 03:12: In Virginia, there are elections THIS YEAR. Are you volunteering for local races? If not why not?
  • Mon, 03:13: Dear Virginia, city councils, bds of supervisors, and state house and senate races really MATTER. Vote and volunteer. Now.
  • Mon, 04:04: Rep. Joe Walsh hates this deal. That's enough to convince me it's a good one.