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yep, still liberal

I got a forwarded email with a link to a petition for Virginia folks to support the Wisconsin union folks.

Somehow, posting the link here doesn't seem to be as bad as forwarding the email. You konw, email chain mails and all that.

Anywhere, if you live in Virginia and would like to show support for the good folks still filling the Wisconsin state buildings and streets to try to protect their bargaining rights, go here and sign. Thank you.

If you don't live in Virginia I'm sure there is a petition for you to sign somewhere. I can search, if you like.

These people aren't fighting to avoid paying a little bit more to help balance the budget; they've already offered every concession that Governor Walker has asked. They are fighting for their rights to bargain with the state about everything but their salaries. How many kids per classroom? Workplace safety issues? Sick days? Vacation? They face losing any say in all of the above and far more and for no apparent reason.

Pretty much every right that workers have in the US comes from collective bargaining. This is serious. What happens in Wisconsin can happen anywhere in the US.