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random update

I just saw deer in the backyard for the first time in about a year. I guess they finally finished replacing that pipe that went right through the route that the deer like to walk. I've missed seeing them.

Also, the bracelet I recently started from a computer-aided design is almost done, even though I still haven't taken the promised pictured of the last one I finished. The writing continues, slowly. More slowly than I like but I have no one to blame but myself. The fact that I've done most of the work on that new bracelet may, just may play a role in that. *tries to look innocent*

I've been biting my nails about Libya, and I think they are going to manage what the people of Tunisia and Egypt have. So who's next?

I'm heartbroken for Christchurch and hope that the final numbers aren't as bad as they seem to think they will be. Earthquakes are scary as all hell and they've had far more than their fair share lately.

Wisconsin is giving me a boost, though. Go unions! You guys offered to cut pay and make other concessions, so why are so many people okay with the governor trying to destroy almost all collective bargaining rights? If there is such a horrible budget shortfall, then why was the governor able and willing to help his corporate pals so damn much? And why the hell are so many people certain that every public employee and every union member is overpaid and greedy beyond what is normal for humans? Yeah, I've seen many comments online about how every member of either or both groups is a "worthless leech". I guess some people want the ones running their state, teaching their children, running customer service desks for the government to be paid so little that they can't live without assistance and that public service jobs should go to people who can't get a job anywhere else, no matter how good the economy is.

I have seen some of the anti-union folks say that everyone in the private sector is given fair pay because of market forces. Right. Have you seen what the CEOs and upper management are making at these private companies? Do you think the people running these companies really give a damn about anyone but themselves while they make their millions and do everything they can to keep beating up the folks who cash paychecks and what's left of the middle class?

Sorry. Done ranting.

Back to my happy mood. The deer are back. Finally. I love seeing them. Maybe I'll see the foxes and raccoons (please stay off my deck, my masked friends) in the neighborhood again soon.