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My tweets

  • Tue, 00:22: My heart shatters. RT@BreakingNews BP set to report first annual loss in nearly two decades ... http://bit.ly/hvsv76
  • Tue, 00:48: I can't believe a bill is making me cry right now..... Ughhhhh. Why why whyyyyyyyyy #DearJohn #HR3
  • Tue, 01:02: #DearJohn I was a kid. I was terrified. I said no. I still have nightmares. Why do you say it wasn't rape?
  • Tue, 04:58: I'm following @bencnn and it might be about to hit the fan. #egypt #bitingmynails
  • Tue, 06:48: Few things are more painful to listen to than a dietitian telling us what to eat during the Super Bowl.
  • Tue, 07:36: Live snowpocalypse report. Snow here is currently at 0", falling at rate of 0" per hour. Winds are at 5MPH. 31F. Forecast is for more blah.
  • Tue, 07:40: I want snow, damnit! We keep *just* missing all of the storms!
  • Tue, 08:45: It's just Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine with crumbling governments now. No big deal. Why should we care? #insomnia freedomihope?
  • Tue, 09:10: RT @illusClaire: RT @MoveOn: Stop the attempt to redefine rape and set women's rights back by decades. Sign the petition: http://bit.ly/ ...
  • Tue, 09:29: Yes! RT @BreakingNews At least one million have gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square, reports Al Jazeera. Watch: http://bit.ly/goylfZ