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I am not ready to send this out by email or (Dad, and a few others, don't know what happened) but I would like you to read it and think about it. And, yes, I signed the petition.

Subject: Help to stop the GOP plan to redefine rape


I just heard about a horrible GOP bill that could redefine rape and set
women's rights back by decades.

Here's the deal: Right now, federal dollars can't be used for abortion
except in cases of rape, incest, or when the woman's life is in danger.
But the bill, introduced by Republican congressman Chris Smith, would
narrow that use to "cases of 'forcible' rape but not statutory or coerced

As far too many women know, bruises and broken bones do not define rape -
a lack of consent does. This bill is scary - so I signed a petition
telling Congress to stand up and oppose the bill. Can you join me at the
link below?



The comment I added was "Are you willing to look me in the eye and tell me what happened to me wasn't really rape just because I was too young to fight back?"


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Feb. 1st, 2011 01:51 pm (UTC)
Feb. 1st, 2011 02:43 pm (UTC)
Religious Reich FTL :-(
Feb. 1st, 2011 02:58 pm (UTC)
The only "resistance" they appear to understand is violent force.

What does that leave us, to resist this crap? Second Amendment? Violent overthrow by the women? Yes, I hinted at it in mine, though indirectly so as not to be interpreted as a threat.
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