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So, now that there are a lot of people and governments who are angry with Julian Assange, there are some purely political and exaggerated "rape" charges haunting him.

The alleged incidents happened in Sweden, and, well, Sweden is one of those feminist places with ridiculous laws that are really designed to make life harder for men. I mean, did you hear that it's illegal to have sex without a condom there? lol forever, right?

Okay, so supposedly one of the women agreed to sex only if he wore a condom, so it isn't that big a deal that he forgot it, right? It's not like she got sick or anything. And, yeah, Sweden doesn't have a great track record for prosecuting rapes, but that's only because the laws are written to make it so easy to file false.

Okay, so she and the other victim are saying that they caught something from him, but they wouldn't have gotten themselves in trouble if they just learned when to keep their legs shut. They should have known better. Everyone knows that guys hate to wear rubbers so it's absurd to expect them to keep that kind of promise. If she really cared, she should have been more careful.

Okay, so one of them was asleep when he started having sex with her. But she had let him stay in the apartment while she also slept there, so was sending out mixed signals if she didn't want to do it. Yeah, he lives by staying with people around the world, but it's different when a woman says that a man can sleep at her place. Everyone knows what she really means, you know?

Okay, so one of the accusers said that he used his body weight to hold her down while having sex with her, but that's weasel wording. It's not real rape. It can be pretty hot when a guy is passionate like that. If she didn't want him, she should have made it more clear. Better yet, she should never have been alone with him like that. She can't blame him for not understanding her intentions, right?

I heard that one of them had ties with the CIA, and that's why she went after him like that. And all of the accusers are that kind of feminist from what I've read; you know, the kind who hate men and see all sex as rape. They were probably seeing dollar signs as soon as they saw him.

No, I haven't heard about any lawsuits yet, but you know that's what's coming next. You can just tell that they're the type to go after him any chance they get.

Okay, so there seems to be some evidence that they supported Wikileaks and Assange before the alleged incidents, but they clearly changed their minds when he started getting in trouble.

Okay, so they probably knew that he was either in big trouble or headed for it when they showed their support and, in at least one case, agreed to let him stay at her place because she knew he needed a safe place to sleep. But they probably couldn't resist the chance to kick him while he was down and get some sympathy by making themselves look like victims.

Okay, so women who accuse powerful men of rape are usually raked over the coals by the media and the friends and supporters of the accused. But ... but ... but ....

Oh, gee. Look at that. It seems that the rape apologists are as full of shit as they always are.

I don't know what really happened, but I am sick to death of the way accusers are treated in this world. In real life, there is nothing fun about saying that you've been raped and there is damn little good that you can get out of it. I got to see one man who tried to rape me go to prison, but that didn't make me happy. It made me a bit relieved and I have never regretted making him face punishment for what he did to me, but I still have nightmares and the whole process was sickening and terrifying and demeaning.

When you accuse someone of sexual assault you go through hell and there is no fantastic payday at the end of it and no one calls you a hero and there will always be people who call you a liar and a gold digger, especially if you accuse someone who is famous. Do people really think that we go through this on a damn whim?


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Dec. 10th, 2010 01:23 pm (UTC)
Yes. Yes they do.

I have my own doubts as to whether he did rape them, as apparently everything was fine until the woman he was staying with found out about the fan he slept with a few days later -- THEN all hell broke loose.

However, if he did it's worth pointing out that the described actions are typical of a serial rapist (a point for truth), and I think that we may be seeing more women come forward with similar allegations. (Even if we don't, that doesn't mean he didn't.) I also think it's interesting that he's fighting extradition.

But yes. People seem to think we say this on a whim or because we got mad at a guy. It makes me stabby and shooty.

The level of misdirection, misinformation and general asshattery about what exactly happened, what the laws are, etc is driving me up the wall, frankly. *sigh*

(As for CIA ties, well, that means nothing. I could say that I have NSA and MilInt ties and be about as accurate. All it does is make you easier to get in touch with if they want your attention for something.)
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Dec. 10th, 2010 09:43 pm (UTC)
Because she threw a party for him, complete with texts about "sitting with the coolest people ever" or something that she was later caught trying to delete (AFTER things hit the news), shortly after, among other things that just don't quite fit right.

I've been in a situation of trying to rationalise what was done to me -- more than once, unfortunately. I sure as hell NEVER had any such inclination, would not have sent any such text messages, etc. The most I ever brought myself to do in either similar case was to mention that the vermin in question and I had had sex. (No one believed me in one case until he started bragging several months later, and in the other case people actually CONGRATULATED me. *shudder*)

I'm neutral on Wikileaks, myself, so that's not really a factor for me. I maintain that if the accusations are true, they actually fit someone with a pattern/history and we may well see other women coming forward.
Dec. 12th, 2010 09:54 am (UTC)
One hundred percent totally agreed.
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