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Somehow, meeting Dad for lunch meant not being in the house for most of the day. It's funny how that works. If I had any energy now, I'd be figuring out the last details of Inhuman, but my head doesn't want to. My sinuses wanting to explode may have something to do with it.

Dad had obtained a copy of a book that the Tea Party folks have been sending to every political office holder they can find, and it is, um, amazing. It seems that tax rates are way too high, especially for rich people and corporations, regulations (including rules limiting what companies charge for services) lead to higher prices, most of what the country takes care of can be privatized, health care isn't nearly as expensive as those silly liberals (and the bills in your mail box) would have you believe, pollution is fine, and there is no reason to have a minimum wage. If I had read any of this book before lunch, my nausea would have kept me from eating. Blarg. Way to look out for that "common man" guys.

No wonder I have a headache. I'm going back to bed. Maybe after I try to write a little bit more.