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lazy me

Houses: 23040
Inhuman: 8496

I was away from my computer all day and went to bed way early last night, but still managed my 2000 words in NaNo before the midnight deadline. Yay me. I don't know how I pulled it off.

I was certainly silly to think it would get easier after the big scene. Ah, well.

I still haven't uploaded any of those rally pictures and Dad wants to see some tomorrow. I told him I would post some tonight but I may wimp out and just put them all on a thumb drive. I still haven't culled them to fewer than 400 images and it feel like work to do more than that. I could just post a few really good ones, I suppose.

I still want to write more tonight, even though I've done more than 2000 words in the past three hours. I now have tomorrow's deadline to worry about, after all. Maybe I'll do some of that tonight and the rest of it after lunch tomorrow before taking a nap.

And I really want to stop neglecting Houses. I have pretty much given up on bringing that up to 50,000 words this month, but that doesn't mean letting it sit until December.