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and it's officially November

Houses of Conroje: (The Book) 22,595 words
Inhuman: 2041

I had hoped that I'd have more done on Houses by now, but it's too late to worry about that now. Inhuman is certainly off to a roaring start. Maybe I really can do this. I don't think I'm even done with writing for the night. Lorra had a good first day of work and Ashley is celebrating Year's Turning with her family, both blood and chosen, and I feel like it's been a very good start for Nano.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be making get out the vote calls. I've been doing some phone banking to identify our voters this year and I'm glad that I'll be calling only friendly folks now. I can't believe that it's almost election day.

On Friday, Obama was in town to stump for Perriello and I got to go to the rally. It. Was. Awesome. I scored a pair of VIP tickets that got us damn close to the stage and I took over 500 photos. I was beyond exhausted by the end of it and ended up skipping on the Sanity rally. Ah, well. I'll post some pics later.