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Sep. 1st, 2010

Hi there. Just adding my voice to just about everyone else's. Please please please do not post anything I say to Facebook. I don't care that much about Twitter - none of the real life folks I keep away from my lj know about my Twitter account/name anyway (same username there - I haven't posted there in forever, either).

I'm still around. I read all the entries on my friendslist even if I don't always comment. I keep meaning to post here more. Maybe I'll get back in the habit now.

The random creeper hasn't bugged me for a while, either (this is not a hint to do so again) but I'm going to leave my old entries locked for now anyway.

Mom has a new car. Her old one was totaled in that accident last month, but she really likes the new Civic. That's really the only news I have right now.