October 18th, 2011


another tardy update

Yep, still around and reading every post on my friendslist. And still avoiding Facebook.

My web design class is going well so far. I still don't have a grade on either of the projects I've turned in but I got a 97.5 on the midterm so I figure I can't be doing too poorly. At least I hope so. And I actually have a real website up now. It isn't much (hell it's my first site and all I was allowed to use was notepad and HTML) but it's here. Next we have to make a website using CSS but we haven't started on that yet.

I'm trying not to be too hard on myself, since it is my first site, but all I can see is how simple it is and that I could have stretched more and made it fancier. There are a few tricks I have learned that I didn't use.

On Saturday, I helped sir_alf celebrate his birthday and had fun. As always, I have promised myself I will be more social in the days to come. Most likely, the Pentaparty will still be my next outing. At least there I can't spend the entire time on Cat's couch. In my defense, it's a really comfortable couch. And most of us were in the living room anyway.

I'm still doing data entry for the local dems and it makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something positive. There is still one City Council candidate I don't care for that much, but I'm swallowing my pride and reminding myself that helping the campaign means helping the others and that is certainly worthwhile. And volunteering for the several candidates I believe in is certainly far better than doing nothing. Next year is the "big" election year and I am planning on still volunteering then. Hopefully I'll also have a paying job as well, but there is no way I'm going back to sitting on the political sidelines. I regretted it at the end of the 2008 campaign season. It really hurt working in 2010 and watching Tom Perriello lose, but it was still worth trying.

Next month has the election on the 8th and NaNoWriMo all month. Yes, I'm going through that insanity again and I look forward to it. I think it did me good last year and it will be more of a challenge this year since I'm doing more. But that challenge is a big part of the reason for doing it in the first place. If you want to follow my progress, I plan on talking about it here and on Twitter, and my name on the NaNoWriMo website (and on Twitter) is the same as here.

My tweets

  • Tue, 00:19: Ugh. Bad night. Hate it when the buried stuff doesn't stay buried. Might have to go offline.
  • Tue, 00:26: Text/tweet/email while driving? Read this: http://t.co/HDPzZXGm #hangupanddrive
  • Tue, 04:46: I once dismissed Occupy Wall Street and I was wrong. They are right. We in the 99% deserve a chance to thrive. #ows #p2
  • Tue, 04:55: Time was we all had a shot at success in the USA. It isn't radical to say we still should. #ows #p2
  • Tue, 05:00: If you are protesting, campaigning, registering voters, etc, ROCK ON! If you aren't, WHY NOT? #ows #p2
  • Tue, 05:05: If there is a campaign you believe in, ask how to volunteer. They would LOVE your help. You do NOT need $. #ows #p2 #joinin
  • Tue, 05:08: OK, bad day is burying me now. Time to sign out. Y'all keep fighting.